Milk control

Milk control

The core business of this service is the official performance check. It is a question of knowing the quantity of milk produced by each cow, as well as the quality of the milk (TB, TP and cells), to contribute to the genetic program of the race, while providing data for indexing and certifying lactations, but also to provide advice to the breeder.

Currently, there are 770 breeders who are members of the performance control, including 4 goat farms.

The performance check is made from official protocols, which will define the intervener who will carry out the control and the number of passages per year. The main protocols present in the Jura are: protocol A and protocol AT.

These two protocols can be performed in 12,11 or 9 passages per year. There is also a BR protocol for breeders with robots and a B protocol that matches the breeder’s performance checks.

By , the11 June 2019