Worldwide diffusion and distribution

The 8 March 2019

Eva Jura has been exporting seed from Montbeliard bulls for over 50 years.

Year after year, thanks to the quality of its genetics, the reputation of the Jura has increased considerably and Eva Jura now has commercial partners on all five continents.

150 to 200,000 doses of semen are exported annually, while 1,000 to 1,500 Montbeliardes females born in the Jura are discovering new horizons.

Jura-Cattle genetics are known and appreciated in most of the 27 countries of the European Union, but also in Switzerland, Algeria, Australia, Canada, Colombia, Iran, Morocco, Mexico, Mongolia, New Zealand, Turkey, USA, etc.

Whether used in purebreds on Montbeliard females or crossbreeding on other dairy breeds, JB semen  bring the best Jura-Betail genetics to each cow.


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    Commercial Export / Export Sales Representative
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