Présentation Eva Jura

The 30 April 2019

Eva Jura is an agricultural cooperative, the result of a merger between Jura Bétail and Jura Conseil Elevage. This marriage between the two major Jura cooperatives was formalized on December 18, 2017.

Specialized in the advice, control and dissemination of the Montbeliarde cattle breed worldwide, these structures under the new name Eva Jura benefit from the contribution of two of their historic partners: the Jura Health Protection Group (GDS) 39) and the Departmental Chamber of Agriculture of Jura.

In a globalized economy and an agricultural entrepreneurial model now favoring the groupings and sizes of companies ever larger, leaders and members of the Jura farm have mostly validated this merger, convinced that Eva Jura will be a better-armed entity to deal with a competition just as determined as powerful.

This project, initiated in January 2015, defends the excellence of the Jura farm. More generally, our cooperative makes it possible to affirm the leadership of the Jura farm, in its departmental composition.

Eva Jura in her unique and innovative organization, resolutely at the service of the breeding and the breeders, measures today her responsibility to ensure the durability of the gathered know-how to raise the performance in a spirit of mutualism and openness.

Eva Jura and its subsidiary Montbeliarde du Jura have 120 employees and a business volume of more than 11 million euros.