Marketing Montbéliarde Jura SAS

The 23 April 2019

The cooperative’s subsidiary, Montbéliarde du Jura SAS, is in charge of the purchase and sale of Jura breeding females.

Nearly 3,000 animals are bought in the department, allotted in the dedicated facilities of Crançot and Sermu, and then prepared to reach destinations often distant.

A competent and experienced sales team works daily to offer breeders sellers opportunities corresponding to the proposed animals.

The guarantee of payment is ensured.


For any request, please contact:

  • Montbeliarde from Jura SAS
  • On Roche – Crançot
  • 39570 HAUTEROCHE
  • Tel:


Or directly the salespeople :


  • Richard Rochet :
  • Eric Varrot :