Jura Betail presentation

The 11 June 2019

Montbeliarde, the know-how signed "JB"!

Since the creation of the company, Jura breeders have seen in the technique of insemination a way to improve their herds. Also, the first federation for Montbéliarde testing was born in the Jura, at the initiative of the cooperative, in 1952.

Since then, the selection unit has been working continuously to improve the natural qualities of the Montbéliarde breed. The results obtained by the selection schema at different times have allowed it to acquire a great reputation.

Today, the conduct of the breeding program takes into account the latest advances in genomics. Adaptations are constantly being made to take full advantage of these technological innovations.

However, the main decisions are always entrusted to a team of specialized technicians (mating, choice of animals to genotype, females to be flushed, …) accompanied by knowledgeable and motivated breeders (choice of sires son, mother bulls tour, selection of males to buy, selection of JB Junior or JB Espoir, …).

For the needs of the program, the Crançot site permanently hosts about 100 male calves bought by the cooperative after genotyping, in the Jura but also in the rest of France (West, Massif Central …).

150 bulls from 1 to 15 years old are housed in differents buildings. The semen production laboratory continuously supplies a stock of 3 million straws.

EVA Jura proposes the semen of four ranges of bulls:

  • JB Espoir (young genomic bulls without index diffusion)
  • JB Junior (young genomic bulls with index spread)
  • JB Senior (evaluated adult bulls with girls)
  • JB Sexé (bulls offered in female sexed semen)

Now organized every two years in the Jura department (Dole for the last two editions), breeders appreciate the genetic presentation. This event allows everyone to approach daughters of the best sires of the cooperative and bests cows of local shows of the year.

 20 000 catalogues are diffused in France and worldwide to permit farmers to access a high level of Montbéliarde genetics. More than 300,000 doses are used annually on five continents.

For any additional information, contact our JuraBETAIL technicians: +33 (0)