The 30 April 2019

The training of the breeder, throughout the life of a farm.

The rapid evolution of the profession of breeder, the necessary and permanent adaptation to the techniques imposed by the expectations of performance in breeding, the rapid evolution and Continuing regulations and technologies, make continuing education necessary.

In order to support the rise and maintenance skills of breeders, EVA Jura, in conjunction with its partners, offers a training offer on all trades of the cooperative ..

Training sessions meet the needs

The training offer is intended to evolve and meet the needs. Even if a catalog of training sessions exists, the cooperative wishes above all to be attentive to its members and proposed new topics related to the expectations of the field. The organization of the sessions is ensured by your cooperative. Trainers, duration, structuring (time in the classroom, in the field, exchanges, etc.), the teaching methods are selected according to the needs.

Themes, our trades

  • Genomics, reproduction
  • Breeding advice, production technique
  • Quality of milk
  • Support to the sectors and economy (with the Jura Chamber of Agriculture and AOP sectors)
  • Animal health (with the GDS of Jura)

Find here the existing training offer 2018-2019:

Pour vous inscrire, parlez en avec votre conseiller ou à votre inséminateur.

Notre partenaire ADFPA du Jura.