Support to the sectors

The 19 April 2019

AOP from Franche-Comté

In Franche-Comté, 2,550 farms are involved in the AOP sectors.

According to the sources of the URFAC, there are in the Jura, 789 milk producers in the AOP sector distributed as follows:

  • 102 in AOP Exclusive County
  • 5 in AOP Morbier exclusive
  • 653 in AOP Comté and AOP Morbier
  • 28 in AOP Comté, AOP Morbier and AOP Bleu de Gex

In addition to milk producers, the sectors also include manufacturing and refining. The Jura has a total of 55 manufacturing workshops (including 51 workshops in Comté, 18 in Morbier and 3 in Bleu de Gex) and 9 refining houses.

More than 82% of the farms belonging to Eva Jura are involved in at least one of the AOP Franc-Comtoise schemes. Aware that these AOs represent a pillar of the agricultural economy of the region, our cooperative supports the sectors in their actions. The company is positioning itself as a technical partner by providing them with technical and economic expertise on issues relating to the conditions of milk production and the evolution of the specifications.

In addition, Eva Jura actively contributes to the AOP control plan by carrying out audits of the AOP milk production operations on behalf of URFAC. Two auditors are trained to carry out these audits. All the technicians working at Eva Jura are made aware of the stakes of respecting the specifications and the fundamentals of the AOP procedures. Also, in each of their activities, whether in individual support or collective action, they ensure the dissemination of messages consistent with the commitments of producers vis-à-vis the sectors. They also communicate with breeders about the changes in the control plan and advise them in their possible reinstatement procedures.

Charter of Good Breeding Practices (CBPE)

The CBPE is a professional approach that was set up in the 2000s, to reassure consumers about the good practices of dairy producers or meat producers in the country. Since 2000, CBPE has evolved to take into account new expectations in terms of safety and the environment. Today, more than 80% of farmers are involved in this process.

This business approach addresses all aspects related to livestock including herd health, food, milk quality, animal welfare, safety of people and the environment. In the end, about forty points on which farmers are audited.

Eva Jura is the departmental master of this approach and carries out almost all the CBPE audits for the Jura, knowing that for the operators involved in a PDO, the CBPE is audited at the same time.

Support for company quality procedures (non-GMO milk or pasture milk / meat sector)

Eva Jura, because of her presence in the field and her knowledge of farms, is able to support various quality approaches in the dairy sector. Recently Eva Jura accompanied the reflection, the drafting of the specifications and the carrying out of the audits on behalf of companies of the meat sector which would like that their producers answer the requirements of a specification, like for example the Charter of the good farming practices.

CTFC / Unilac partnership

Eva Jura is part of the organizations that are grouped within UNILAC (UNIon Raw Stakeholders) in the service of the production of quality raw milk. The objective of UNILAC is to offer farmers and their cheese dairy a complete and complementary service. The proposed services are positioned on preventive actions allowing to master the health risks related to the production of raw milk, to improve the milking and the cleaning of the milking machine with the lactoCorder, to correct the risk factors and to orient the flora of interest cheese products are offered at the voluntary manufacturing workshops.

In order to respond to the various requests, Eva Jura provides the CFTC with a technician specialized in milk quality for 100% of her time and, if necessary, other technicians who can reinforce the teams.

As part of this action, the partnership with all stakeholders in the sectors is important, especially with the presidents of cheese cooperatives and their regional body (FRCL), the product unions grouped within the URFAC and the CTFC which works both on farms, but also in cheese shops and refiners. Any other private or private company may request preventive or curative intervention.

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