France distribution

The 30 April 2019

Eva Jura answers the expectations of dairy farmers located on the national territory by providing:

– semen of Montbeliarde bulls

– Montbeliardes cattle (calves, heifers, cows) via its subsidiary “Montbeliarde du Jura SAS”

Wherever the geographical location of the breeders and the way in which the insemination is carried out in the herd, Jura-Betail sires can be used.

Semen shipments are organized on a regular basis way by our own way or by professional carriers.

Every year, 50 to 100,000 straws of semen are sent from our laboratory in Crançot to all French regions.

Since June 2013, Eva Jura’s statutory area has been extended to 9 complete administrative regions. This allows breeders of this area who source directly from Jura-Bétail to become members of the cooperative.