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CRANÇOT, le 26 November 2020

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Offers & services of EvaJura
  • Animal insemination

    Animal insemination

    Insemination is one of the activities proposed by Eva Jura. The service is provided on the entire department of Jura.

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  • Milk control

    Milk control

    It is a question of knowing the quantity of milk produced by each cow, as well as the quality of the milk, to contribute to the genetic program of the race.

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  • Breeding advice

    Breeding advice

    Several levels of services are proposed to you: from the valuation of the results to the support of project. With you to choose, with your technician, the service in adequacy with your needs!

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  • GDS health prevention

    GDS health prevention

    The GDS of Jura ensures a health watch on the department, organizes training and sanitary advice and sets up sanitary programs.

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  • Montbeliarde Jura-Bétail

    Montbeliarde Jura-Bétail

    The selection unit is constantly working to improve the natural qualities of the Montbeliarde breed. The results obtained by the program at different times allowed it to acquire a great reputation.

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  • Marketing of farm animals

    Marketing of farm animals

    The subsidiary of the cooperative, Montbéliarde Jura SAS, is in charge of this sector of activity important for the economy of many farms adhering to performance control. Nearly 300 animals are bought in the Jura.

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Upcoming events at Eva Jura

November 2020
Le 27/11/2020
Webinaire – HappyGrass
Le 12/11/2020
Assemblée de section – Secteur de Dole
En visio-conférence
Le 10/11/2020
Assemblée de section – Secteur de Montagne
En visio-conférence
Le 09/11/2020
Assemblée de section – Secteur de Orgelet
En visio-conférence
Le 27/11/2020

Le consortium HappyGrass et le CNIEL vous donnent rendez-vous le 27 novembre pour un webinaire d’1 heure : présentation de l’outil et séance de questions/réponses. Au programme : Introduction : naissance de l’outil HappyGrass, ambitions / Descriptif des fonctionnalités prairie / Descriptif des fonctionnalités pâturage / Présentation de l’offre commerciale / Question/Réponse

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