Animal insemination

The 30 April 2019

Animal insemination is one of the basic services of the cooperative. Contrary to many operators in France, the choice to maintain two daily AI tours throughout the year allows to adapt as much as possible to the needs and constraints of breeders. Orders for services are made by placing a message on a telephone answering machine.

Calls are recorded twice a day:

  • -Calls until 8 pm: passage of the AI technician before 10 am next morning
  • -Calls before 9.30am in summer and 10am in winter: AI technician passage in the day

Sunday is an unworked day. In compensation, a third tour is added on Saturday evening.

Calls before 6 pm (Saturday only): AI techician’s passage in the evening

The schedule switches are May 1st and November 1st.

The AI technician is a real specialist in reproduction. Fecunding your females is of course the basis of his work, but his role does not stop there. Upstream, when making the mating plans in autumn, it is the cap of genetic counselor he adopts. For that, its main asset is to know you well and thus, to be able to adapt at best its choices to your expectations. Subsequently, he is also able to offer you or perform various services of pregnancy assesments. All license holders practice rectal palpation and ultrasound.

You are dynamic, holding an agriculture diploma (BTSA PA or ACSE), motivated by reproduction and genetics? Eager to work in Jura farms? Do not hesitate to contact us or to submit an unsolicited application. Positions can be regularly filled!


Our cooperative offers different pregnancy diagnosis.

The rectal palpation: It is practiced from 60 days. This techniques offers a very good reliability. It can be practiced in addition to earlier diagnosis to confirm pregnancy.

Ultrasound: Practicable 30 to 35 days after insemination, ultrasound has been a real success in recent years. The main interest is to find the non-pregnant as soon as possible. Thus, it is possible to adapt its monitoring and possibly to use a heat synchronization.

Fecondi’Lait: A more recent technique of pregnancy diagnosis, Fecondi’Lait is an Elisa type test performed in the laboratory on a milk sample. Results are returned within 5 days. It is possible to practice this one from the 30th day after the insemination.

The offer of cooperatives does its best to meet the expectations of breeders in terms of genetics. For breeds with very small numbers, or simply to use bulls from other suppliers, a breeder can buy doses whatever he wants. Eva Jura receives, records and stores these straws in the tank of the AI technician. Thus, your AI technician is able to ensure the insemination and ensure the official registration of the AI.

Nearly 9 out of 10 AIs are insured in  Montbeliarde breed in the Jura. However, there is an offer in the following breeds:

In purebred:

  •     Holstein
  •     Simmental
  •     Charolais

In crossing:

  •     BBB
  •     Limousin
  •     Blond from Aquitaine
  •     Charolais

If you do not find something to satisfy you in the offer or if you have a specific need, do not hesitate to inform your AI technician or contact the laboratory, which can meet your expectations.


Calving detector: The Smart’vel 2

Since 2010, more than 50 farms have trusted the Cooperative to equip themselves with calving detection tools. Of these, 20 have already trusted the Smart’vel 1 despite its recent commercialization.

The arrival of Smart’vel has boosted the French market for monitoring. In a little less than 5 years of marketing, he is by far the No. 1 French in the detection of calving, with more than 4500 systems installed. This success is explained by very diverse elements.

The very first, is the extreme simplicity of use. After a first installation requiring less than half an hour, it is enough to take a sensor, to equip the female so that 10 minutes later it is operational. The other major point is that it is non-invasive. Indeed, other systems require to place a thermometer in the vagina of the animal, the difficulty in this case is to assemble, at the laying, the conditions of impeccable hygiene. With the Smart’vel, the problem is avoided because the sensor is attached to the tail very simply. As a result, if the animal is calving during the night without needing you, the tool will always be on the tail in the morning. Unlike other products that are expelled with the water pocket, and it is sometimes difficult to find in the manure or in a field.

Finally, it only wakes you up if your intervention is necessary! In a first step, the farmer receives a text message at the beginning of the work. It is no question of intervening, but it allows to be informed. If cow is able to expel the calf alone everything stops there. However, if 2 hours after the text message the cow still has contractions and the tail remains up, you will receive a phone call this time. In this case it is the right moment to intervene.

The simplicity of use and the sturdiness of Smart’vel make it possible to significantly reduce calving losses, both in dairy farming and in beef farms. The comfort of being alerted only in case of need brings a real comfort of work and the insurance to intervene at the right moment.

With Smart’Vel 2, what’s new?

The product is 100% French, comments were listened and the sensor changes shape and loses two thirds of its weight! And in a few weeks, a free smartphone app will drive the tool and associate a cow to a sensor. And rare thing, he even managed to offload a portion of its price!

Eva Jura limits the marketing of monitoring tools in the Jura department. But if you are breeders in another territory, we can put you in contact with the local distributor.

Heat detector and disorder of the health

To control the reproduction of a herd, many factors come into play. But the most important of them is without doubt the detection of the heat.

Herds are growing and labor is decreasing. The need of a tool for effective monitoring is therefore growing.

Since 2010, the cooperative has been offering heat detection equipment. At the time, it was the classic heatime of the SCR company that had attracted ten farms. At the end of 2013, came the next generation called heatime HR. This product has been a real revolution in livestock monitoring tools. He was the first to quickly integrate a sensor for monitoring rumination. Thus, it is not only a heat detector, but it is also a tool for monitoring the health of the animal. Finally, in September 2018, the Sensetime has completed the range. It performs the same functions as the HR heatime, but with less fixed material which reduces its cost, and offering the choice between either the classic necklace or with a tag to the ear.

The strengths of HR heatime:

    100% autonomous and independent system: It just needs a 220V power outlet. It can therefore be installed in places where the internet is inaccessible.

    Recording and restitution data on a box with a color touch screen

    Antenna LD able to detect 500 meters in front of it

    Possible management of 500 necklaces

    Alerts of heat and health trouble

    Optional internet connection

Sensetime strengths:

    100% connected (The collector must be connected to an internet source)

    Choice between necklace and ear tag

    1 additional sensor analyzing the intake of food

    Less fixed material therefore reduction of the price

    Integration of data (inventory, calving dates, AI, pregnancy diagnosis, etc.) from national database

    Taking in hand from any tool connected to the internet (computer, tablet, smartphone …)

    Possibility of alert by text message

    Possibility to connect to the same system an additional antenna (in another building several kilometers for example)

    External backup and remote troubleshooting

Both products are marketed because they can meet different needs. Eva Jura limits the marketing of monitoring tools in the Jura department. But if you are breeders in another territory, we can put you in contact with the local distributor.

For further information, you can contact Julien Cêtre at